Monday, October 29, 2012

PLE Diagram and Reflection

What did my PLE tell me about myself? 

My first reaction was a sense of disbelief that my PLE was so large, while simultaneously feeling I had left many things out. Plus, it was interesting to take a step back and recognize how many things inform me now. There seems to be exponential growth of my PLE every five years. It seems that much of this growth can be equally attributed to physical tools that capitalize on mobility (think smart phones and iPads) and the amazing ubiquity of new web tools.

Comparative Analysis

When looking at others' diagrams, I am immediately struck by how differently each person's items are catalogued. Some PLEs have numerous categories, while others have only a few, and yet others have no classification scheme at all. It's the old bifurcation of the lumpers and the splitters. I'm normally more of a lumper, but in the case of my PLE, my splitter instincts prevailed. The connections each person makes between their items is also quite interesting. Some used Venn diagrams, some mindmapped, and others used a combination of the two. I kind of used a combination, but it wasn't in a consciously deliberate way.

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